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Hibernate and JPA
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  • Basics of Java

  • OOPS Concepts

  • String Handling

  • Exception Handling

  • Nested Classes

  • Multithreading

  • Features of Spring

  • DI/IOC

  • Bean Factory

  • Application Context

  • Constructor Injection

  • Setter Injection

  • Injecting objects

  • Coding to interfaces

  • Inner Beans

  • Aliases and Idref

  • Injection with collections

  • Autowiring

  • Bean Scopes

  • Bean Lifecycle

  • BeanFactoryPostProcessor

  • Spring MVC-1 and MVC 2

  • Spring AOP

  • Introduction

  • Hibernate Application

  • Model Class with Annotations

  • hbm2ddl Configuration 

  • Name Annotations

  • Retrieving Objects using session.get

  • Primary Keys

  • Saving Collections

  • Entities- One To One

  • One To Many

  • Many To Many Mapping 

  • Implementing Inheritance

  • HQL and JPQL 

  • Criteria API 

  • Cacheing in Hibernate

  • CRUD using JPA

  • Proxy Objects 

  • Eager and  Lazy Fetch Types, 

  • CascadeTypes

  • Transient, Persistent and  Detached Objects 

  • Integrating Spring and Hibernate (JPA)

  • More Courses

            -JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, HTML, XML

  • Problem Solving

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  • PPT on demand

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  • Coding help

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  • Practice Test

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  • Study Material

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  • Corporate Trainings

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  • Synchronization

  • Serialization

  • Collection

  • Java New Features

  • Many More topics to explore...

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