Core Java Student's Comments
Advance Java Student's Comments


"Nancy is amazing in explaining every topic.Good tutor to have."

— Krishna, India



"I am extremely pleased with the tutor.Thanks for giving me more confidence during coding."

—Grant, United Kingdom



"Amazing tutor! Nancy goes through every concept very thoroughly. I am a new programming student and she thought me the subject Taking baby steps. Helped me with many assignments. Definitely, recommend her as a tutor, and I will take classes with her in the future also. "

— Marufa, Canada


"She helps a lot with clear explanation. Really helpful! ”

— Nazli, U.S.


"Nancy is great in explaining complex topics in easy steps. She provides valuable study material which helps in revising things that too are in details still not like boring material to study. She understands the speed and grasping the power of the learner. She is really good at what she is explaining and teaching. Surely recommended. "


— S G, India


"The tutor is brilliant in explanation. Understands students needs, interacts during the session by asking questions. Does not start a new topic until the current topic is clear to the student. "

— Naren, United Kindom


“She is very helpful!! I am planning on saving her info for further future help”

— Gabby, United Kindom





"Thank you very much, Nancy. I understand what I did wrong now. I will definitely use your services again in the future should I need it. Best, Margaret Fu"

Margaret Fu, US



"Very smart, very fast. She is super fast. When she said she will help me fast it was no lie. I definitely loved her."

—Trey, United Kingdom



"Helped me go learn valuable coding skills while teaching me what I needed to know!"

— Anonymous


"She knows her stuff and she is great at explaining (Web Development).”

— Dekel, US


"Very helpful tutoring. Nancy explained everything in very helpful comments. Great work!"

— Efe, US


"Nancy was extremely helpful and her response time was great. She helped me with Java programming. I had been stuck on part of this problem for a couple days and she cleared everything up for me!"

— Zian, United Kindom


"Very efficient and helpful! Deff a great tutor!"

— Roman, US

"Very helpful, solving my Java problem very quick"

— Kamal, Russia


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